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About CPA

Your expert partner for proteome array screening applications.

Expertise and customer communication


Core members of Cambridge Protein Arrays' team have been leading protein microarray development and application since the beginning of the field. As a dedicated protein array company, we build on this expertise, making it available for the projects of our customers. We advise on the assay design and conditions for each screening project, and tailor our services to individual client requirements.


Specialised equipment, handling experience and in-house analysis software


We have worked with HuProtâ„¢ arrays continuously since 2013, making us the most experienced service provider for this platform in Europe. We collaborate closely with the array manufactures, CDI Laboratories.


From assay design to optimisation and processing, we can provide complex bioinformatics analysis and complete accurate data sets.


Our laboratory is fully equipped for all steps of microarray handling, incubation, scanning and analysis. We are experienced in the choice of assay conditions and the optimal secondary detection reagents for different screening experiments. Our analysis is performed on dedicated software developed by ourselves in house, which we can adapt to the requirements of each project.


Flexible tailoring of service


Cambridge Protein Arrays




We look forward to discussing your project and providing you with a competitive quote. 

+44 (0)1223 496776