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Networking and Meetings

Alpbach Affinity Proteomics Workshop


Cambridge Protein Arrays is organising the biennial Alpbach Affinity Workshop, regarded as one of the best meetings on antibodies and their role in defining the proteome. In 2019, the workshop took place for the 9th time. Read here for a review of previous meetings and click here for further information how to participate.


SPIDIA 4P Consortium

Cambridge Protein Arrays is a partner in the SPIDIA4P EU consortium, which brings together academia, organisations and companies working on the standardisation and improvement of generic pre-analytical tools and procedures for in-vitro diagnostics, such as pan-European pre-analytical CEN/TS and ISO/IS documents and external quality assessment schemes.





The Alpbach workshop is regarded as one of the best meetings on antibodies and other protein-binding molecules and their role in defining the proteome. The combination of excellent science with mountain scenery and winter sports creates an atmosphere that makes this series of workshops exceptional. Read a review of the 2017 meeting here!


+44 (0)1223 496557