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HuProt™ Array Specifications

Human Proteome Microarrays.

Protein content:



Array layout:






Shipping and Storage:



Required specialist equipment:


Microarray scanner compatible with 25 mm x 76 mm x 1 mm slides and reflective surfaces (for PATH slides), recommended scan resolution 10 µm per pixel.


Microarray analysis software with capability for handling hexagonal spot grids.


We also provide full service with HuProt arrays: send us your samples, benefit from our expertise and equipment, receive your results. Alternatively, we can scan and analyse HuProt arrays probed by you.


Please get in touch to discuss the best options.


Annotated Protein List

A complete, searchable list of the proteins on the HuProt v4.0 array. Download here.



Contact us to discuss how your screening project can benefit from using HuProt v4 arrays.

+44 (0)1223 496776