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Careers at Cambridge Protein Arrays


Position Available: Protein Array Scientist


Cambridge Protein Arrays Ltd is a leading provider of protein array screening services, established in 2010 on the Babraham Research Campus, Cambridge, UK. We are European distributors and service providers for HuProtâ„¢ human proteome microarrays. We perform studies for customers in antibody validation, autoimmune serum profiling and protein interactions. 

We are now recruiting a full time protein array scientist.


Your Qualifications, Skills and Experience:


Responsibilities of the Role:


We are a small company, and the role requires a high degree of adaptability to day-to-day tasks. You can expect to be involved in various aspects of company activities, so this is an exciting opportunity to be a significant part of the team. Key elements of the role include:


Start Date from April 2020. 
To apply, please provide Cover Letter and CV to or by post to:


Cambridge Protein Arrays Ltd.,
Maia Building
Babraham Research Campus,
Cambridge CB22 3AT, UK


Enquiries welcome to or phone at +44-1223-496557