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Protein Interactomics


HuProt™ application: Protein-protein interactions

Determine the interactome of your favourite protein


HuProt™ arrays provide a platform for screening proteins for binary interactions with the world's largest collection of human proteins immobilised on a single microarray.  Over 23,000 potential interactions are assessed in a single experiment. Compared to pulldown methods detecting endogenous interaction partners, the potential interaction partners are present on the array in less diverse protein concentrations. This facilitates detection of those interactors with low abundance in the cellular system. 


Assay Format

Read-out of the HuProt microarrays is by fluorescence, hence a fluorescent label needs to be conferred on the protein of interest. Options include:



See here for HuProt™ references in interactomics!



Contact us to discuss how your screening project can benefit from using HuProt v4 arrays or the set up options for your protein.



+44 (0)1223 496557