Research and development of protein arrays and their applications in proteomics

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Proteome-wide coverage across relevant protein classes

HuProt™ v4 arrays offer an unrivalled coverage of 80% of the human proteome, all on a single slide for probing in one experiment. Protein classes of special interest are covered in depth. 


Please contact us for details on the array content and for any specific proteins of interest.



Coverage analysis of the proteome and of individual protein classes has been performed according to the full proteome list and the annotation provided in The Human Protein Atlas. As members of these classes overlap, the table above is not additive. For a closer look at the coverage of protein kinases, please see the kinome tree. 




Coverage of the Human Kinome on HuProt™ Human Proteome Microarrays


The image below shows a mapping of the protein kinases represented on HuProt™ v3.0 onto the human kinome tree. All major branches are covered in depth, with an overall 84% coverage. For the current HuProt™ v4, coverage has been increased further to 89%. 



The mapping was performed with Kinome Render, with the illustration reproduced courtesy of Cell Signaling Technology, Inc. (