Research and development of protein arrays and their applications in proteomics

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Dr Mike Taussig is founder and CEO of Cambridge Protein Arrays Ltd.


Mike Taussig was formerly head of the Protein Technology Group at the Babraham Institute, Cambridge UK. He has collaborated on the production of human antibodies from transgenic mice and codeveloped ribosome display technology, for selection of antibodies, and in situ protein arraying. He helped to establish two Institute spinout companies, Translocus Therapeutics and Discerna, and is a named co-inventor on patents for eukaryotic ribosome display and in situ protein arrays. Mike has wide experience of managing large EU and ESF networking and research projects, including three EU consortia aiming to establish European resources of affinity binding reagents for analysis of the human proteome, namely ProteomeBinders (2006-2010), AffinityProteome (2009-2012) and AFFINOMICS (2010-2015). He is a board member of the European Federation of Biotechnology and Editor in Chief of the EFB journal New Biotechnology (Elsevier). Mike is a Fellow of Selwyn College, Cambridge, where until recently he taught pathology.

Dr Taussig