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About HuProt™ Arrays


The world's most comprehensive human proteome microarrays

We are the European suppliers for sales and service of HuProt™ Human Proteome microarrays.  


The new HuProt™ Human Proteome Microarray v4 offers you the largest number of human proteins currently available on a single microarray slide, the majority full length. HuProt™ arrays contain over 23,000 individually printed proteins, representing more than 16,000 human genes.


The arrays allow screening applications covering 80% of the human proteome. Major protein classes and functional contexts of high interest are covered in depth.


Proteins are expressed in yeast (S. cerevisiae) as GST fusions, purified and spotted in duplicate.

The complete collection has recently been resequenced.


Peer reviewed publications using HuProt™ Human Proteome Arrays in a variety of applications demonstrate protein functionality across the spectrum of immobilised proteins.


HuProt v3.0 Human Protein Microarray, stained with anti-GST-reagent to reveal all immobilised proteins. Right: Full array in overview.
Left: Detail view (from frame on full array)

HuProt™ Arrays for your screening projects


We offer HuProt™ arrays for sale, allowing you to conduct your own experiments and analysis. Alternatively, why not benefit from our specialist equipment and experience in array handling, assay setup and data analysis, and decide to use our HuProt™ service.