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Antibody Specificity Profiling


HuProt™ application: Comprehensive antibody reactivity profiling

Confirm specificity, identify cross-reactions.

Cross-reactivity is an often overlooked issue with antibodies, with typical QC involving proof of binding to the intended target, but neglecting broad screens for potential cross-reactivity.  Screening your antibody of HuProt™ v4 arrays enables identification of potential cross-reactivities across the 80% of the human proteome. This is of particularly high value for the characterisation of therapeutic or diagnostic candidate antibodies, where cross-reactivities provide an early indication of possible off-target effects in vivo, or of potentially misleading diagnostic readouts. By eliminating candidate antibodies which show cross-reactivities from the development process, significant savings in cost and time can be achieved.

Analogous to classical antibodies, alternative binder types can also be assayed on HuProt arrays.


Assay Format


Typically, the antibody of interest is incubated on the HuProt array, followed by a suitable fluorophore-labelled secondary reagent.  Alternatively, if the antibody of interest is fluorophore-conjugated itself, incubation and detection can proceed in one step.  






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+44 (0)1223 496557

Incubate test antibody on Huprot Array