Research and development of protein arrays and their applications in proteomics

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HuProt™ - Probe the Proteome
Human Proteome Microarray
HuProt™ - Probe the Proteome
Human Proteome Microarray
HuProt™ - Probe the Proteome
Human Proteome Microarray
HuProt™ - Probe the Proteome
Human Proteome Microarray

Cambridge Protein Arrays Ltd. -  Your dedicated partner for protein array based screening projects.
Established in Cambridge (UK) in 2010, our academic roots are in protein arrays and protein affinity reagents.

We have contributed to developing the area of protein arrays and are making our expertise available to you. We are European distributors and service providers for HuProt™ human proteome microarrays, the largest human protein arrays available, with more than 23,000 human proteins, representing more than 16,000 human genes on a single slide.

Cambridge Protein Arrays

HuProt™ Arrays


We supply the most recent HuProt™ Human Proteome Microarrays v4, the most extensive arrays of full lengths human proteins available on the market today, putting 80% of the human proteome proteins at your fingertips. 


HuProt™ v4 arrays contain over 23,000 individual yeast-expressed recombinant human proteins. Applications include quality control of antibody specificity, discovering autoantibody targets and exploring protein interactions.

Cambridge Protein Arrays

HuProt™ Applications


Comprehensive antibody specificity profiling:

Discover if your antibody is monospecific or cross-reactive


Autoantibody screening in serum samples:

Discover autoimmune antigens, delineate new candidate biomarkers.


Contact us to discuss how your screening project can benefit from using HuProt™ v4 arrays.

Cambridge Protein Arrays

Screening Services


Is your antibody really specific?

Are you looking for novel autoantigens? 
Need a proteome-wide interaction screen for a protein or small molecule?

We offer fully bespoke screening services on HuProt™ arrays. Benefit from our experience and fully equipped laboratory when it comes to protein microarray application and analysis. Send us your samples, receive the results. 


Recommendations for Antibody Validation published


Cambridge Protein Arrays and University of California, Davis published a review about current guidelines for antibody/binder validation

 Read here for further information!


Workshop on Affinity Proteomics


Regarded as one of the best meetings on antibodies and other protein-binding molecules and their role in defining the proteome. The combination of excellent science with mountain scenery and winter sports creates an exceptional meeting atmosphere.